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Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally

Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally

Hay Guys, Greetings Welcome to the shazcare world, In this, article we are going to talk about Fallopian tubes. Its an important part of females' reproductive system. In today's world, a huge number of females are suffering from the Fallopian Tubal Blockage issue. Daily, I was receiving many emails, they requested me to write  a detailed article on this topic, so, after detailed research and consultation with a doctor friends, I will be discussing every bit of Fallopian tube /Fallopian tubal Blockage.

Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally

So, let get started. The fallopian tube is an important part of the female reproductive system. These are 2 fine tubes between an ovary and uterus and their main function is to transfer eggs from an ovary to uterus plus facilitate sperms to reach an egg. And when any of these tubes are blocked, the egg doesn't shift from ovary to uterus hence causing infertility issues. It is seen that 40%infertility cases are due to fallopian tubal blockage only.

symptoms of this blockage:

Regarding symptoms of this blockage, it doesn't have any visible symptoms like other ailments. you only get to know about it when you are trying to conceive, or visit a doctor and only after your test results, you come to know about it.

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Causes of blockage:

Regarding its causes, some of the major causes  are here

Pelvic inflammatory diseases
   STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)
  Any previous fallopian tubal surgery
  Caesarian Surgery (C-Section)

Here are some main causes and its infection

Medical treatment:

Along with medical treatment, You can also treat your blockage by using some herbs, ( & if the FT blockage is at the minor level, you may completely get rid of it as well).

You can easily get it online from Amazon and you can use Ginger root powder twice a day, either at lunch & Dinner OR breakfast & Lunch. Take it 2 times a day with regular water.
 Another useful Herb is Cassava Roots Extract.

You can easily get online from amazon or You may also check any ayurvedic shop (Herbs Shop) in your area, which sells a variety of herbs, you can find very easily online or locally (if you are lucky to find )with the names I have mentioned here because these sellers already are aware of these names like ginger roots powder, cassava roots extract etc.

 Another useful product for FT blockage is "Fertili Tea"

It is also available online. Fertili Tea is composed of reproductive supporting herbs like chamomile, peppermint, and some other herbs. So, include this tea in your routine as well. Talking about food items to improve/control FT Blockage issues, -Start drinking Green Tea. Drink it 3 times a day for positive impacts on your FT Blockage issues. -Include Turmeric and Cloves in your regular food. You may add 1/4spoon of turmeric and few pieces of cloves in your food and if you don't want to add these in our food, you may also eat these with a regular glass of water. –

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beneficial fruits:

Talking about fruits, most beneficial fruits are: * eat Papaya, mangoes, and grapes. If you are a non-vegetarian, try to "LIMIT" your Non-veg consumption until your FT Blockage issue is resolved. One more point to remember while eating non-veg is that it should be organic. Better to opt for Fish but if you are eating chicken, it should be organic, not store-bought

Drink water:

Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally

Drink water. No matter what issues you have like hormonal imbalance, acne, internal cleansing, dehydration, etc. DRINK WATER (approx 8-10glasses) as keeping your body hydrated would put a hugely positive impact on your body externally and internally.


Vitamin D (Sunlight):

Vitamin D is an extremely important vitamin for females and males for fertility purposes. So, make it your habit to sit anytime between 8am-10am under the sun for at least 15mins daily. Sunlight Do not go under sunlight at 12pm OR 1PM as during those hours, sun rays are extremely dangerous giving rise to many skin issues. In the same way,

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C sources are also extremely beneficial for fertility purposes. Vit.C sources are all types of Citrus fruits, and if you don't want to eat fruits, go for Vit.C supplements. You may also consume Vit.D supplements or injections if you are living in some region where sunlight is rare or if u live in flats where you don't have a choice to sit on rooftop.
Avoids Smoke, and Drinks

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Another point to remember is if you or anyone around you smoke, please avoid it and you can also tell them not to smoke around you & for their own wellness. You also need to avoid every kind of alcohol consumption, be it in some food items or in beverages. Limit your caffeine consumption as well. Caffeine is found in coffee or sodas so limit these beverages like if u r drinking 2-3cups of coffee per day, reduce it to one & if you consume 1 cup daily, try to limit it to 1-2times per week, till you have an issue of Fallopian tubal blockage.

Castor Oil:

Treatment for Blocked Fallopian Tubes Naturally

Castor Oil pack is extremely beneficial for those females who have blocked Fallopian tubes. To make this pack, buy a large quantity of castor oil. Castor oil is available everywhere easily. If u don't find plain castor oil, u may also buy castor oil with other ingredients like mint.

Step 1: 

Take any small towel and soak it in castor oil and place this towel on your lower belly area.

Step 2: 

Take any plastic sheet-like plastic shopping bag or plastic wrap and place it on the castor-oil soaked towel on your belly.

Step 3: 

Take a hot water bottle and fill it in with hot water and place it on that plastic sheet.

Step 4: 

Now lay back and relax for 40-60 minutes. Now get up and remove the pack and clean your tummy. Wash the towel off with lukewarm, Dettol mixed water to remove excess castor oil from it and that is it. Apply this pack daily for 1-2months and then get yourself checked and you'll be amazed to see the improvement in your FT blockage issues. It is the most effective yet extremely inexpensive and very easy to apply home-based remedy which not only improves your blocked tubes but also will solve any other fertility-related issues.


Next comes: "FERTILITY MASSAGE" which again is extremely easy yet very beneficial for those fighting with any infertility issues. You can do it yourself or take help from your partner or can visit professional masseur. There are many tutorial videos available on the internet on how to perform fertility massage. and I'll also tell you how you can perform it yourself.

Steps 1: 

Lay down straight and place some cloth or pillow under your lower back (area below your navel) to lift that area little upward. Doing this will facilitate you to massage your self easily.

Step 2: 

Take a few drops of olive oil or mustard oil, or castor oil or any other oil available to you. Take some on your palm and rub both palms gently to warming the oil and palms.

Step 3: 

Touch your lower abdomen to locate your Pelvic bones (both sides).

Step 4: 

Start massage from that pelvic bone by putting a gentle pressure to your body, bring your fingers from pelvic bones toward your navel.

Step 5:

And keep applying pressure at that point (your navel) for 10seconds and release. Repeat the same step i.e. massaging from pelvic bone to navel, wait for 10secs and then release. Repeat this process for 10-20 times daily for 1-2months to see positive results in your fertility issues.

Fertility treatment or Fertility Hijama:

If you are living in some area where some acupuncturist or Hijama specialist is available to Go for fertility treatment or fertility Hijama. DO NOT try to do acupuncture treatment yourself as to its risks and only professional acupuncturist knows where exactly to place needles for best results.

Exercise and Yoga:

Talking about Physical measures like Exercise, Yoga, etc. for FT blockage improvement, Exercise is extremely beneficial for fertility issues. You can go for a walk, a brisk walk, running, cardio or any other form of exercise. Every form of exercise will benefit you as long as you are moving. You may also opt for MEDITATION. Meditation plays a tremendously positive role not only for your physical health but mental health as well. Go for Breathing Exercises also as these exercises also play an important role in the improvement of your blood circulation to the whole body. You can also opt for YOGA. Youtube has thousands of videos on Yoga poses for fertility.

So that is it for today. I hope you my thinking, as I have tried my best to cover all the main topics to FT Blockage like its symptoms, its causes, home-based remedies to treat it, things to avoid, castor oil pack, fertility herbs, and fertility massage. I think I have given you a complete package about FT Blockage So, Please like and  thumbs up, share it with your friends who have FT Blockage issues.

Lastly, if you are trying to conceive for long, VISIT YOUR DOCTOR AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. And if you feel your doctor is not serious toward your treatment, you can always change your doctor or go for 2-3 other professional advice. and if you have FT Blockage, get yourself treated properly without wasting any time.