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How To Make DIY Mask for FRECKLES & Brown Spots

How To Make DIY Mask for FRECKLES & Brown Spots

Hello, Friends hope you all living good and welcome to my world shazcare. After receiving lots of messages from my friends  requesting me to write an article on Homemade solution for a very common issue called "FRECKLES" So, today I'll be sharing in this article a DIY mask to get rid of Freckles, which is not just effective but looks extremely delicious

How To Make DIY Mask for FRECKLES & Brown spots

Reasons for freckles:

First Reason:

The first and most important reason is exposing your skin to the sun without any sunscreen.
whenever you go out to use always sun mask cream 

Second Reason:

If any of your parents have freckles, chances are you could also have freckles issues. Some Pregnant females also face freckles issues during their pregnancy. But nothing to worry about as the DIY mask which I will be sharing today is extremely easy and very beneficial. But before applying any mask on your face, always do a patch test on your arm to confirm you are not allergic to any ingredient used in the particular DIY remedies.

For this mask, we need some ingredients that easy to find in the market

2 Strawberries,

1 Kiwi (normal sized and fully ripened)

Lemon or Lime = 1teaspoon

Almond Oil = 1 Tablespoon (for normal & oily skin)

And if you have dry skin, use Argan Oil instead of Almond Oil.

How to prepare a DIY Mask :

Step 1:

Mash Kiwi & Strawberry to make a pulp out of it.

Step 2:

Add 1tsp Lime or Lemon

Step 3:

Add 1 tablespoon of Almond or Argan Oil depending on your skin type. And mix/mash everything thoroughly. More the mixture is mashed, easy will it be to apply on your face

How To Make DIY Mask for FRECKLES & Brown spots

How to Apply on Face:

Now apply this mask on your face using any makeup brush, and leave it on for 30mins and then wash it off with regular tap water and apply any good moisturizer depending on your skin type. Do this 3times a week and within some time you'd see a tremendous difference in your freckles

Another point to remember is whenever You go out, no matter what the weather is, no matter the sun is shining or behind the clouds, do not forget to apply Sunscreen with SPF 50. By doing these steps, all your freckles issues are resolved. That is it for today, if you like this article, do not forget to share it with your friends

I hope you like my thinking…