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8 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Quickly

8 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Quickly

Hello, friends welcome to Some questions I always get are: " we are trying to lose weight but not able to do so. Why?" We exercise for hours but still, my weight doesn't budge. "I eat clean, but weight scale is still not going down Why?" etc.
8 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight Quickly
So, in today's article, I'll be sharing 8 reasons why you are not losing weight quickly which is based on my personal experience during my weight loss journey. So,

here are some main reasons why we not losing weight quickly

Reason #1: Any Hormonal Issue

If you have any hormonal imbalance or are suffering from any disorder like PCOS, PCOD, Thyroid, etc. because of hormonal imbalance, you must have known how difficult is it to lose weight with hormonal imbalance issues. So, the first and foremost task you should be doing is get your hormonal issues treated immediately. 

Any Hormonal Issue

To balance your hormones, you may either take proper medications from a doctor or you can use my 4 seeds remedy (tried & tested by me) to treat your hormonal imbalance, Soon I'll write an article on it 

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 Reason #2: You Are Eating Too Less

 Mostly, we all (including me) think to eat less make one lose weight. But the truth is the opposite. Many of you say: "I eat so less" or "I just eat one bread and the rest of the day eat nothing still am not losing weight". Well, this is the worst misconception that eating less makes you lose more weight. Because when u eat less, initially u could lose some weight but then comes a the time when our body gets used to of " only" this much quantity of food and as a result, our body starts taking its energy to perform day today activities from that food and stops responding to your weight and fat loss issues. So, I 'd advise you to eat enough quantity, eat clean, eat whatever you want but avoid harmful food items like processed food, fried food, white sugar, etc.

You Are Eating Too Less

Reason #3: We Are Eating More Unknowingly

Usually, we think we have eaten so less, still not losing weight. The reality is instead of eating less, we could have eaten more "UNKNOWINGLY". For example, when we don't count the calories of the food we eat, like in 1Tbsp of oil has approx. 260plus calories and we assume its just 1spoon of oil so it won't have many calories. In the same way, we eat brown bread thinking as it is brown or whole grain bread, it doesn't have many calories, but the truth is even brown bread has a huge number of calories. So, "UNKNOWINGLY" we eat food packed with calories thinking it doesn't have much or zero calories

Considering this, what I am gonna suggest you (only my personal opinion) are from today onward starting to use an app either on your laptop or your phones. The name of this app is "MyFitnessPal". What I love about this app is, you simply have to log in whatever u eat and this app will automatically show the no.of calories, macro, and micronutrients in it. In the same way, u may also be logged in your exercise records in it plus it also helps you to track your water intake per day. One more important feature of this app is, some people don't know how to calculate their daily calorie intake recommendations, so, my fitness pal also helps you to recommend you, your daily calorie intake when u enter your height, age and weight.

Reason #4: Is Not Counting Your Calories Intake

Is Not Counting Your Calories Intake

If you are trying to lose weight, tracking your calorie intake is of utmost importance. Always eat food within your recommended daily calories as eating more than recommended calories would lead to weight gain and eating less than recommended calories especially eating less than 1200Calories which is minimum calorie range for females, so, if you eat less than 1200calories daily in the long run (though occasionally eating more or fewer calories than your recommended calories range is OK), your body would shift into "STARVING" mode and would stop reacting to food eaten hence making weight loss process difficult and slow. So, it is advisable to ALWAYS eat in the range of your recommended calories.

Reason #5: Doing The Same Exercise For a Long Time

Our body is built in such a way that whatever you'll do to it, it'll adapt itself accordingly. If you'll do some exercise for a long period for example when you start cardio, initially you'd sweat like anything, your heart's beat unstoppable that will be a time, your body will react positively to your workout as the workout is kind of "new thing" to your body. 

But you'd notice, after doing the same exercise for like a month, you won't sweat like day 1, your heartbeat would become relaxed with time, WHY? The reason is your body will become used to this workout. And as a result, your body will stop reacting to that exercise, hence making it difficult to lose weight. So, always change ur exercise from time to time. As soon as you become comfortable with some exercise, just change it to something more challenging.

Doing The Same Exercise For a Long Time

Reason #6: Weight Plateau Zone

In weight plateau, your weight sticks at one point. No matter how much workout you do, how clean you eat, your weight won't budge at all. Many females go through this issue of weight plateau and the reason is your body gets used to that particular routine of yours, for example, if you continuously eat clean, your body would assume that clean food is the only thing, it'd get. So, the best way to move out of the Weight plateau zone is the tried and tested trick by many is give SHOCK to your body.

By SHOCK I don't mean put your finger in an electric socket.
Shock means, for 2-3 days forget all about clean and healthy eating and eat whatever you want to. Just Forget about any diet. Eat desserts, fried items, processed food or whatever you want to eat without worrying about calories. And it will shock your body as ur body is used to of clean food and this unhealthy food would be a totally unexpected treat for your body and your body would start reacting differently.

The same goes for exercise. Instead of 30mins, increase the time and type of your exercise In short, whenever you have a weight plateau issue, change your exercise, increase exercise duration, change your healthy food menu to unhealthy one for 2-3 days Exercise you can change for the long run but eat unhealthy for 2-3days only. The purpose is to break the weight plateau to start losing weight again.

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Reason #7: Avoid Comparisons With Others

Like comparing your weight loss journey with your friend or partner. Please understand every BODY is different and reacts differently to exercise and food. I have noticed, whenever I upload any exercise video, A question I am always asked is "How much will I be able to lose in how many days?" The answer is: How much I lose with my current weight could be different than yours depending on your weight. 

If I am losing 2kgs in a month with the current weight of mine, and if you are overweight, you might lose more then me like 4-5 kgs in a month or and those who are underweight, chances are they won't lose even half kg in a month. So, the point is to MOVE YOUR BODY instead of looking at the results of others and then comparing yourself with them. So, move. You are accountable for your body not of others.

Reason #8: Baseless Assumptions

Biggest reason which demotivates you from losing weight is your baseless questions like "Virgin girls should not do skipping rope ", "it not good for one's virginity" etc. Truth is research has shown jumping rope is highly recommended and effective exercise for males as well as for females. So, its totally a myth that virgin girls can't do jumping rope or cardio. Similarly, some females think strength training makes a female bulky & muscular like males. Well, In Research we all know that male's body structure is totally different than females.

They have a high level of testosterone hormone which helps them to build muscles. And if you speak about bodybuilder muscular females, their body is muscular and manly due to taking steroids, injections, pills, etc. Whatever strength training exercises I share with you use lightweight dumbells of 1-2 kilos or Regular water bottles or food cans which will not build even slight muscles in you. So, these were the 8 reasons due to which you are not losing weight. That is it for today.

Thanks for interested in my article I hope You like my thinking...