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Shazcare: Healthy Hair Care. Have you ever experienced sudden hair loss? Or you are is just so dull, and no you have been trying so many hair products such as a serum, shampoo yet the result is not what you are expecting?
Welcome to the group, girls. I also have experienced some problems since I was in high school. While irregular hair loss seems to be a common issue among women, most of us are still struggling to find an effective remedy for it.
And I also found products that interact with my hair from the outside like serums only lead to short-term improvement, so afterward I try to find something that can help my hair become healthier from the inside. And the good news is I have found out that we can change our hair from the inside through the special diet menu. By eating more of this food, they will make your hair stronger and healthier from the inside. Well, at least it works for me.
So let the diet for the hair begins. What you need for healthy, shiny hair is:
Munching on nuts

Many nuts, in general, such as cashews, walnuts, and almonds have many great minerals like omega-3, fatty acids, iron, biotin, protein and vitamin E. Those are what your hair needs to be healthy and strong.

1. Drinking more water
We all know that water is needed for our bodies. It also keeps your hair moisture and prevents dryness. So make sure you have around 8 glasses of fluids like juices and water every day.
2. No more hot showers
When you wash your hair with hot water, the hair will eventually get weaker and easy to be broken down. So you should try to turn down the heat, and also when you are finished washing, give your hair a quick blast of cold water to help your hair become stronger, and also prevent dandruff flakes from forming.
3. Including oats in your menu
Oats contain lots of Biotin, which is essential for healthy hair. So if you have oats with milk and maybe add some fresh fruits like strawberries every morning, you will have a smooth, shiny hair naturally in no time.
4. Add Proteins In Your Daily Diet
Our hair is made of protein, so we should continuously provide it with protein-rich food. I always make sure that I have protein every day by eating eggs, tuna, and chicken. These types of food will help your hair grow fast and strong.
5. Broccoli, spinach, and kale
Spinach and kale are extremely rich in iron. And iron is what keeps our hair healthy. You can also eat brown rice and other dark green leafy vegetables. And don’t forget broccoli, it helps our hair not only stronger but also prevent hair loss. So don’t hesitate to go all green if you want smooth, silky hair.
6. Don't use Styling Tools
If you are straightening and curling your hair every day, you will soon realize that your hair is a lot drier and start to have split-ends. Those styling tools damage your hair more than what you think they do. So try to go natural styling sometimes, and if you have to use the dryer, put the heat on low, or very low.
7. Use Olive oil for Conditioning
Olive oil is known to be good for many beauty treatments, and it’s also good for our hair. A few drops of olive oil on the scalp and soft massage, then follow a warm shower will help your scalp become healthy and keep your hair moisture for the rest of the day.
Hope you like my thinking