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How To Remove Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Make of Eye Creams

How To Remove Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Make of Eye Creams

Hello Friends and welcome to we are going to talk about "Dark Circles", "Puffy Eyes" & "Eye Cream".  First of all, let's see what are the reasons behind Dark CircleS? 
The first reason is "Genetics". If Dark Circles r present Genetically in your family then there r chances that u might have them too. 

Other Reasons may include TV, Laptop and Mobile usage, sleeping late at night, allergic reaction due to some medicine. People who rub their eyes vigorously may get Dark Circles, Improper intake of water, & women who use cheap, bad quality or expired makeup may also have Dark circle problem.
How To Remove Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Make of Eye Creams

How To Remove Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Make of Eye Creams

Now let's see the reasons behind "Puffy Eyes". puffy eyes are swollen eyes. and u feel like ur under eye area is swollen. This happens due to increase consumption of sodium or if u not having enough sleep or if u r awakened till late night, people who use alcohol, other reasons may include any type of stress, prolonged crying, & lastly due to reaction of any medicine. Many people ask me about hollow eyes Hollow eyes are the eyes that seem to have sunk into their face, which makes dark circles prominent. 

I m also having hollow eyes genetically as my mother is having it so I have hollow eyes. Hollow eyes have no such treatments, unfortunately, and if there is any treatment I m not aware of it but I haven't studied anything related to its treatment So let's keep the topic of Hollow Eyes aside and let's talk about the treatment of Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes. 
First of all, I m going to tell u about general treatment & after that, I will tell u about the DIYs for Puffy eyes & DIYs for Dark Circles. 

So first of all always keep your eyes moisturized because whenever we moisturize our face we forget to moisturize our eye area. We apply makeup on our eyes but we always forget to apply moisturizer after removing makeup which results in dryness of our eye area If u r not using any moisturizer u can apply Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly whether its summers or winters and it really works. Apply it (Vaseline) on your eyes & u can also apply it on ur Eyelashes.

How To Remove Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Make of Eye Creams

If we talk about DIYs, let me tell u in advance, DIYs take time to give results. But if you want quick results u may use eye creams. So I m going to tell u an eye cream for the people living in Saudia and in Middle Eastern Countries and for people living in Pakistan. I will tell u some International Brands. And for other countries, I won't be able to recommend any local eye cream as I have no idea about them. So, first of all, let us see the eye creams for people living in Middle Eastern countries may use. "VITAYES" INSTANT AGEBACK results in "5min". I have used it personally and u can see that it is almost finished. So it has got really amazing results and within 5-10mins of application puffy eyes area gets flattened and glowing. 

The recommended eye cream for people living in Pakistan is "SAFRIN EYELOXYL INTENSIVE EYE TREATMENT" for Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes. It will help in solving both the Dark Circle & eye puffiness problem. U may get it at a reasonable price. Simply visit the Safrin website and place your order and use my code "PDAMSEL10" so that u can get 10% off on all your purchases. If we talk about International Brands I will recommend u "NEUTROGENA HYDRO BOOST HYDRATING GEL EYE CREAM" I have no idea if there is any other but I have personally used it long ago and it has got very good results. so u can use any of these 3 eye creams.

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People living in India and Bangladesh, sorry I have no idea about your counties so u can use google and search good eye creams in our country. Now let us talk about the DIYs. So first lets talk about Dark Circles. I have already written a detailed article on Dark circles in which I have told u DIYs so u can try those DIYs. If we talk about more DIYs, the best one is 

1 tbsp Lemon Juice
1 tbsp Almond oil

Mix them well and put it in a jar and apply it on your under-eye area during night time with the help of your pinky finger in tapping motion (without rubbing them vigorously)  for 2 to 3mins and go to sleep without removing it & wash ur face in the morning. It is a perfect remedy for Dark Circles.

How To Remove Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Make of Eye Creams

The other thing which is good for Dark Circle is Potato Take 1 potato, cut it in 2 slices and keep it on ur undereye area until potato juice dries up. Wash off your eyes after that. Let me tell u that these DIYs take time and u can see the results in 2-3 months and if u have very prominent dark circles it will take much time. 

Now let's talk about the DIYs related to Puffy Eyes. The best tried & tested DIY is take 2 spoons of steel, keep it in the freezer for good 10-15mins till the spoons get chilled, then take them out from the freezer and place it on ur eyes as shown till spoons are no more chilled. Do this DIY daily and u will see the visible change in ur puffy eye area The other DIY is the use of "Rose Water" which is available in every house. Always keep it in the fridge and use the cotton pads (which are also used for removing makeup). Dip cotton pads in rose water and place them on your eyes. Repeat this DIY daily and it will give good results. 
How To Remove Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Make of Eye Creams

How To Remove Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes & Make of Eye Creams

So try these DIYs for Dark circles and Puffy eyes & u will see the huge impact in your eyes related issues. But let me tell u again that DIYs will take at least 1-3 months to give results so don't say that it is not giving results & we are using it from 2 weeks. Whichever DIY you are using, do it daily. Only do 1 DIY from the above mentioned. Do not use all. People of any age from teens to (20,30....) and both male-female can use it. So this is all for today. Remember me in ur Prayers. 

Hope you like my thinking...