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How To Care Your Breasts

How To Care Your Breasts

Breast Cancer Awareness Guide

Welcome to shazcare today in this article I’ll write about your “breast Care and health", in this article we will discuss an extremely important topic which is "BREAST CANCER".

Recently one of my friends who was just 23-24yrs old and had a son who was not even 1yr old died because of Breast cancer. Why? Because she wasn't diagnosed with this cancer on time. According to WHO (World Health Organization), 2.1M females at present are suffering from Breast Cancer.

How To Care Your Breasts

 An important point I'd like to mention here: Being a responsible citizen & an influencer, I have to make others aware of whatever information, I have about breast cancer. So, that together we all could fight/control this deadly disease at its earliest stages. So, let's learn more about “breast cancer”.

Signs of breast cancer:

The 1st sign is any unusual change in the size and shape of your breast or area around your breast means it is high time to see your doctor. Other signs are continuous itching, swelling on or around your breast. If any liquid or blood is oozing out of your nipples if your breast's skin is getting thicker, OR you feel any node or lump in/around your breast or underarm area.

Other signs could be a change in color of your nipple, breast or area around it. The last sign is if your breast becomes numb and loses its sensitivity to touch. If you face any of these signs continuously for a few days, it is an indication to visit a doctor ASAP.

How To Care Your Breasts

Reasons for Breast Cancer:

1:  Your bad food choices as we all know today almost every food is artificially grown using hormonal injections. And when we eat "hormones injected" food, those artificial hormones jeopardize with our hormonal system giving rise to many ailments.

2:  Contraceptive pills/Birth Control pills could also be a reason for breast cancer.

3:  Excess weight gain

4:  Inactive lifestyle

5:  The aging factor could also be a reason which increases the chances of breast cancer.

6:  And lastly, your genes. If any female in your family like your grandma, aunty, mother, sister suffered from breast cancer, you are also prone to the risk of breast cancer any time in life. So, always take extra care of yourself.

Safety measures against breast cancer:

1:  Eat as fresh and clean as possible for you. Include fresh vegetables/fruits in every meal of yours.

2:  If you have weight issues, get rid of those extra pounds on you.

3:  Even if you are not overweight, make it your habit to exercise/walk 4-5times a week for 30-40mins per day.

4:  If you are on any kind of hormonal or birth control pills (without your doctor's recommendations), try to avoid such medicines.

5:  And the most important point is "Timely" diagnosis of this disease. Sooner you diagnose the issue, sooner you'll get it treated and get rid of breast cancer. So, whatever sign you are experiencing out of the mentioned signs, immediately visit your doctor instead of asking here and there. Even if someone from your family is experiencing any of those signs, take her straight to the doctor.

Tips for Breast self Examination.

1:  Try to examine your breast on the first day of your periods and if not, just fix any day of the month and examine your breast health every month on that particular date. This would allow you to have a continuous record of your breast's health, size, and shape which would help you to diagnose any unusual changes like any lumps, swelling, itching, redness, etc in your breasts at any stage.

How To Care Your Breasts

2:  Always do self-breast examination by standing in front of the mirror and - while laying on your bed. The best time to examine your breast health is while bathing as then you have enough time to examine yourself without any disruptions.

Points to note while doing a breast examination are:

1:  Regular size & shape of your breast as these two points are most visibly impacted by breast cancer or breast-related ailments.

2:  The "NATURAL FEEL" of your breasts as it would help you in the future to realize any unusual change like any pain, any node, swelling or numbness or any other unusual feel in /around your breast area. Hence, you'd be able to take necessary action on time by visiting a doctor.

How to do Breast Self Examination:

Use 2-3fingers of your hand and gently start pressing your chest area. This step will help you to discover any lump, pain, swelling, numbness in your chest area. After chest, move towards your underarms area while continuously pressing the skin gently. Because most people get lumps and nodes at or around their underarms area.

Similarly, examine the sides of your breast by applying gentle pressure with 2-3fingers. But remember, always use right-hand fingers to examine your left breasts and area around it and use the left hand to examine the right side.

How To Care Your Breasts

Next, lay down comfortably as it will make your breast muscles relaxed. Now again using 2-3 fingers, gently examine your chest, breast and underarms area. Use the right hand for the left side and left hand for the right side. Self-examination would help you to have a proper record of your breast health and allows you to discover any unusual change in your breast size, shape and health.
For a detailed breast self-examination process, 

Even you can visit this website. Self Examination of Your Breasts

This process is given in extra detail on this website. And lastly, all I would like to say is be mentally prepared for anything (good or bad) regarding your breast health. Do not worry about anything. Do not try to treat yourself using tips & tricks by others. No need for hiding it from others. If you notice any changes in your breasts, immediately visit a doctor or request any female around you to accompany you to the doctor.

And yes, do go for Mammography once a year especially if you are 30-40 years old or especially if you are over 40. And yes, if your mother is above 40 or 50, please take your mother for mammography once a year as mothers are blessings and our mothers especially from Southeast Asian countries don’t take their health issues seriously so, being a daughter, it is your duty now to take care of your mom's health.

How To Care Your Breasts

do not be afraid of Mammography. It is a machine (just like an X-Ray ) which is used to check for your breast health. It is recommended to undergo Mammography once every year. So that is it for today.

I hope you like my thinking…