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4 skin Whitening Masks For All Type Of Skins {100% Effective}

 4 skin Whitening Masks For All Type Of Skins {100% Effective}

Hello, friend welcomes in this article, I'll share with u 4 face whitening masks which not only makes you fair but would also make your face brighten & glowing.

There are 4 types of skin whitening masks

1: Sensitive skin
2: Oily /acne skin
3: Dry skin
4: Normal & combination skin

 There are more major ingredients we use to make masks That is Rice.

 4 skin Whitening Masks For All Type Of Skins {100% Effective}

We all know Rice has huge benefits for skin, hair and body care. So here are some main benefits of Rice

1:  It makes your skin fair, bright & glowing.
2: It also helps to remove acne spots, reduces freckles, removes pigmentation issues,
3: It also helps to remove sun tanning from the face.

So now we are going to prepare our mask, we have to  make a rice paste and for that, I've taken 2 Tablespoons of rice. Soak rice in water for 2-3hrs. After 2-3 hrs, boil the rice by adding enough water to cook rice till all water dries up and rice becomes soft. Now take 2 Tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Here I'll scrape the gel from a fresh plant but u may use store-bought aloe vera gel as well. So, these are my well-cooked rice. 

This is the gel I scraped from Aloe vera plant and this is some water to make a fine paste of our rice. Now I'll blend all these together & here is my smooth soft "Rice Paste" ready to be used.

Whitening masks according to all skin types.

 4 skin Whitening Masks For All Type Of Skins {100% Effective}

 Sensitive Skin

we won't add anything in this paste & and apply this cream directly on your skin & let it dry for 10-15mins. Then wash it off with regular tap water.

Oily or Acne-prone skin

 you need Rice Paste :1Tbsp Tomato Juice: 2Tbsp Fuller's Earth(Multani Mud) 1Tbsp If you are allergic to Fullers Earth(Multani Mud), or if it causes acne on your skin, Or if it doesn't suit you, you can use 1Tbsp Gramflour instead of Fullers Earth. Mix everything well, & your mask is ready to apply.

dry skin

 mix 1Tbsp rice paste with 1 Tbsp honey & your mask for dry skin is ready.

normal or combination skin

add Rice Paste - 1Tbsp GramFlour - 1Tbsp & Milk OR Yogurt - 2 to 3 Tbsp. Mix everything well so that no lump is left. And then start applying (whatever skin mask have u made as per your skin type)using hands or any brush. Do not forget to apply the mask on ur neck as well. Always apply a mask after washing off your face with regular water so that no impurities are on ur face when you apply the mask. Apply this mask ONLY 2 TIMES a week.

 4 skin Whitening Masks For All Type Of Skins {100% Effective}

 If u are left with excess rice paste, store it in your fridge and whenever u need it, simply mix it with other ingredients according to ur skin & ur mask will be ready to use. Do not make rice paste in bulk, just 2 Tablespoons of rice are enough to make a paste as the excess paste can turn bad & smelly if store for long in the fridge. The quantity which I have mentioned to make rice paste is enough to use for a week. After 10-15minutes, wash the mask off with regular tap water & apply moisturizer according to your skin. So that is it for today. If you use these masks regularly, soon you'll start seeing a huge difference in our skin for your different skin issues.

I hope you like my thinking…