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25 Tips to Stop Hair Fall & Treat Dry, Damage & Frizzy hair

25 Tips to Stop Hair Fall & Treat Dry, Damage & Frizzy hair 

Hello, Friends Welcome to In today's article I'll share 25 hair care tips with u all and by using them not only your hair fall issue will be reduced but it will also help in treating the dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

25 Tips to Stop Hair Fall & Treat Dry,Damage & Frizzy hair

Many people complaints about the hair fall issue especially in Middle Eastern Countries. So the tips I am going to share with u and if u follow them wholeheartedly then almost 70-80% of your hair issues will be solved. But before, do like and share my article to get the notifications of all my new posts and don't forget to follow me. So let us start about 25 tips.

Tip 1: 

So the 1st tip is, as all of u have seen that whenever u ask me on Instagram anything related to hair fall I have always suggested u consult your doctor. WHY? Because if you are not aware of your internal health conditions, whether it is due to any hormonal issue, stress, any type of infection ongoing pregnancy, Iron deficiency or dandruff and if you are using expensive hair oils and shampoos then trust me it's not going to work because the Internal problem in your body has not been resolved.

I know its difficult to visit a skin specialist, do visit a skin specialist once in a Year please do visit a skin specialist on my request. Isn't it better to visit a doctor once to know the actual problem rather than worrying afterward and wasting bucks on expensive medicines and getting expensive treatments? So do visit a doctor once, so u may get the idea that what is the main issue of your hair fall. 

Tip 2:

After u have visited the doctor and u came to know that u are not having any above-mentioned issue and the hair fall u are having is Seasonal Hairfall. Like in my case, in some months of the year I have severe hair fall, sometimes, it is less and sometimes it (hair fall) doesn't happen at all. Like I have noticed that from July to December or October I have the hair fall issue. So if you are having seasonal hair fall there is nothing to worry about just take good care of your hair. Do shampoo ur hair, apply good hair oil, take a good diet and your hair problem will be solved. 

Tip 3:

People living in Middle Eastern Countries or in villages usually complaints that the water doesn't suit their hair So I would suggest you wash your hair with the regular tap water and use mineral water, in the end, to rinse off the impurities and if u cannot afford it, boil 1 or 2 mugs of water which u use in your bathroom & once u have washed your hair off with regular water rinse the hair with that boiled or mineral water, this will help in washing off the water which was not suitable for you hair. 

Tip 4:
25 Tips to Stop Hair Fall & Treat Dry, Damage & Frizzy hair

I would suggest that whenever you take a bath the water that is left behind in the mug, add in it 1tbsp of White Vinegar, not Apple Cider Vinegar, it will resolve dandruff issues, it will clean the hair and your hair will become shiny. 

Tip 5: 

Do not wash your hair under the shower because when the water from the shower drops on your hair it weakens the roots of the hair. So always use the bucket water to wash off your hair. 

Tip 6:

Always apply shampoo on the "roots" of your hair and scalp and apply conditioner on ur "hair tips". Never ever apply the conditioner of whole hair of yours. 

Tip 7: 

Use the shampoo 2 to 3 times in a week and if you are washing your hair off on regular days, use regular tap water only and that is more than enough. 

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Tip 8: 

Many people use to cover their heads with a towel after using shampoo or having a shower or rub their hair vigorously with the towel to dry them. So stop doing this because this will result in frizziness, dryness of hair, hair damage and the hair starts tangling hence making it difficult to de-tangle them. 

Tip 9: 

Many people comb their hair wet especially females so never comb the hair when they are wet and if u want to detangle them u may go for finger combing. And use the comb when your hair is 80% dry 

Tip 10:
25 Tips to Stop Hair Fall & Treat Dry, Damage & Frizzy hair

Never use a comb with small teeth, instead use a comb having the bigger and wider teeth. 


For healthier hair, use oil on your hair 2 to 3 times a week. I know sometimes you feel lazy but trust me, its extremely good for your hair health. The best method to use hair oil is: Take 2 different hair oils and mix 1tbsp of onion oil, mix it and apply on your hair Onion oil is very effective for your hair and u will see visible results within 1month related to your hair health and hair growth. 

Tip 12: 

After oiling gives your hair Hot Towel Treatment. In this, simply u will take a towel and put it in the microwave or soak it in boiled water. Squeeze the water off from the towel and roll it on your oily hair. The hot towel helps to open up ur pores hence making it easy for a hair oil to absorb better into ur scalp. 

Tip 13:

One more thing u have to do is take Hair Protein Treatment once in 2weeks. I have already made the video on Hair Protein Treatment U may see the link here and I will add the link in the description box as well. I have made the video go and watch it out and give your hair Protein treatment accordingly. Protein is very helpful for the health of your hair, to secure it from damage and for its growth. 

Tip 14: 

Many females are used to making a tight ponytail or tight bun which results in pulling back of the hair and gives the feeling of baldness as your hairline starts receding. U must have observed that when u tie your hair tightly your hair starts breaking, so make a loose bun or a loose ponytail or make a simple loose braid. Never tie your hair tightly. Many females complaints about frontal baldness so the reason behind it is when u tie your hair tightly, the frontal hair is pulled back and when it is pulled back, it results in Frontal Baldness. 

Tip 15: 
25 Tips to Stop Hair Fall & Treat Dry, Damage & Frizzy hair

Never tie your hair tightly before going to sleep. U may leave them open or make a loose braid. 

Tip 16:

For the health of your hair changing the pillow cover is important, because dirt, dust, and germs on your skin and hair may easily shift to the pillow cover causing different skin & hair issues, so change the pillow cover and bedsheet once or twice in a week. 

Tip 17:

Applying a Hairdye at your home when u r unexperienced could be very dangerous & damaging to your hair. Even sometimes I have seen that the damage to hair is so severe You become the victim of Baldness. If you are not experienced in hair dying and haven't practiced it professionally, I would highly highly recommend you to visit a professional for a hair dye. If you're not willing to go to a professional and want to dye ur hair urself, go for a patch test first by taking little hair from the lower back of the head, apply the hair dye on it and leave it for a day. If the damage doesn't occur then u may apply it on all your hair. 

Tip 18: 

For the good health of your hair, trim the ends of your hair after every 2-3 months Next tip is many females have the split ends the problem. So to get rid of split ends is twist little section of hair tightly around your finger to reveal the split ends. Once the hair is twisted, you should see the ends of some strands popping up out of the twist Trim off the split ends that are sticking out of the twisted section And this will solve the problem of your split ends.

Tip 19:

Hair supplements are very important for your hair health especially Vit E and B and beta carotin so it is very important to consult a doctor once and get "Right" hair supplements for your hair if you are having severe hair fall issue. 

Tip 20:

a lot of people like straighten hair or curly hair and do hair styling using straighteners, hair curler and other heating agents which are extremely harmful to your hair (even if u r using hair sprays). If you want to use them for styling, use occasionally only otherwise try to avoid using any heating agent as much as possible for you.

Tip 21:

as Winter has arrived, try not to use hot water for washing your hair off. I know in winter everybody likes to use hot water as it feels so relaxing but always wash your hair with lukewarm water and always pour 1 mug of the cold water on your hair in the end. This will protect your hair from damage. People who r using hot water for washing their hair off will have dry, frizzy and damaged hair and will break easily. 

Tip 22:

u have to maintain your water intake whether its winters or summers. Drink 8 glasses of water because water helps to remove toxins from your body because when your body is internally clean or when the internal problems which are the source of hair fall will be resolved then your hair health will get improved itself.

 Tip 23:

As I have already told u that protein is very good for your hair, so try to consume protein-rich food Take Omega 3 and 6 which is found in a fish, consume both of these Omegas as both are very useful for your hair. 

Tip 24: 

People who complain about frontal bald patches I suggest you use Dermaroller. If u guys want me to write an article on how to use a Dermaroller on hairs do let me know in the comment section. 

Tip 25: 

Muslims should offer prayer and non-Muslims u may perform Head Stand or Downward Facing dog your head will be downward and rest the body will be upward (Sajdah Position) in Muslims so the blood flow will be increased towards the head which will result in healthier hair. So that is it for today. Hope u find the video useful, Do try the tips I have shared if you are having any hair fall or hair damage complaints. And I guarantee u, that 70-80% of your hair issues will be resolved

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